Art and Home Decor

Do you have a room, a hallway, or just a wall that lacks character? You like the wall color and room furnishings, but something is missing to create the feel and ambiance that you want to project. Wall art is the necessary decor accessory that tie together the colors and style of your space. As we discussed in a previous article; (The Art of Selecting Art), most interior designers believe wall art is perhaps the most cost effective decorative accessory to create the mood and feeling you desire for a given space.A big key in selecting your wall art decor, is how you want to use the space. Do you want to entertain in that space? Is this space maybe your office or a hobby room? Perhaps the space is a unique fun area for the kids to play in or an exercise or workout space. Art exists for all of the above and many more uses, and it is the art that will become the focal point in setting the room’s theme.For your quiet retreat, you may want the soothing feel many beach art pieces provide. Your entertainment room art should reflect the vigor and lightness of landscapes or the boldness of modern art. Decorate the children’s area with light fun cartoon like pictures. Often we overlook the kitchen area. The kitchen is a natural gathering place and need not be strictly utilitarian. Today, a wide range of cuisine art exists to reflect a sense of comfort and warmth, and a love of life.One other point that we should not ignore, is the frame which surrounds your art. While frames have been around since the beginning of art, we often think of frames as only a convenient way to hang our art. The right frame, however, will add significantly to the presentation of your art and your personal enjoyment and fulfillment. Please take the time to consider the frame; as an integral part of your wall art decor, which creates the ambiance you desire.Today, with the internet, you have an overwhelming selection of decorative wall art available at your fingertips. Consider how you will use each space in your home and then turn on your computer and click on the type of wall art that will express your creative side and enhance your living space. In the comfort and convenience of your home, sit back and relax and have some fun surfing the web for your decorative wall art. Enjoy.

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