Sedation Dentistry: Dental Care for Those Unable to Receive Normal Dental Treatments

Sedation dentistry is a great option for those who are regularly apprehensive with dental work or who have very sensitive teeth that makes dental work uncomfortable. The use of sedation in dentistry has come a long way and is now regarded as highly safe and effective. While sedation dentistry should not be used on every patient, it is an extremely successful method in terms of providing an anxiety-free dental appointment for those who typically are phobic. What this procedure provides is the opportunity for those extremely uncomfortable attending a dentist to still have necessary dental work in a relaxed and safe environment.Sedation dentistry is best utilized for those patients who have a deep fear of dental work, whether it is from a traumatic experience or whether they simply have a dental-related phobia. It is also used on patients who have very sensitive teeth, and it is thus painful for dental work, as well as those patients who have gag reflexes. Previously, these patients often avoided the dentist altogether, with noticeable consequences. However, with the rise of sedation dentistry all varieties of patients can experience the proper dental care.In the past, this procedure involved the use of IVs which required patients to be in the dental room prior to receiving their sedation treatment. For those with a distinct phobia, this proved unfeasible as simply setting foot in a dental office triggered one’s fear. Today, however, the sedation is administered in pill form to be taken an hour before your appointment. A companion will then accompany you to your appointment, driving you obviously, and helping you into the dental practice. From there most patients are at ease and can have any number of dental services performed.The beauty of sedation dentistry is that it’s perfectly safe. Additionally, most patients have little to no memory of the experience, which prevents furthering any traumatic feelings. Complex dental procedures that can take hours to finish seem to only take minutes to complete, again offering those who are terrified of the dentist to have the dental work necessary for a healthy life.Sedation dentistry is a great alternative for those who simply cannot handle nor dental work, be it because of a response to pain or a mental roadblock with such procedures. Every one needs dental care, however, and sedation dentistry is just another tool to ensure all patients have the opportunity to receive care. As a safe procedure, it lives up to its goals and can ensure every dental patient maintains their teeth for many healthy years.

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